Shopping and Flopping

Ooh, My 90th post!!!

Hey All,
I just got back from the Mall! I shopped till I dropped for at least 3 hours, and bought tons of pre-beach fashion goodness.

Katy's 'Bought' List:

- 2 Delia*s tank tops [Two for Twenty deal]
- 2 Pacsun Bikinis [Buy One get One FREE deal]
- 1 Ah-dorable Charlotte Russe Fashion top
- 1 Kay-uteee Marshall's sundress
- 1 pair of cute and confortable Dr. Sholl's flip-flops
- 1 pretty floral wallet from Claires. [Sale Rack]

*whew* Now I'm Beat. ;)

I am in one of those laughing moods, so I Google-searched "Celeb Fashion Flops" and came up with quite a few. I am posting 3, Just for laughs.
These are my opinions, so think what you like.

Who knows who these people are... [I don't, but maybe you do] But I bet their fashion sense has been better. I sure hope so.



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