Crab Paperweights and Ledo's

A couple hours after I made that post yesterday, a LOT of things happened. I woke up aroun 7 ish and went "Bargain Hunting" with my neighbor, I ended up getting this dress manican bulletin board [$1], a COACH keychain [25cents], a colorful crab paperweight [50 cents], and webcam [$2]. You never know what treasures you'll find for $3.75!
Then I spent about 5-6 hours with my friend @ her Sisters FH tournament. :) We took a very long walk around the area where the t'ment was, ate Ledo's Pizza which I LOVE, and tried to finish HUGE lime snocones. :)
After that, when I got home my other friends invited me to go to my first "Demolition Derby". For all of you who are clueless of what that is, it is where old beat up cars crash into each other, and catch on fire. They also spew mud all over the place, and into the crowd. *blech*
We had funnel cakes, and I ended up seeing a lot of people I knew.... xD
I had a looonnnngggg day.

Today, I plan on going to my cousins Championship [?] game! *eep*, and lounging @ the pool with friends. So... right now, my outfit is as follows:

My Outfit:

A Pacsun reversable bathing suit [striped/floral], A F21 teal Cover up, My peacock pool bag, F21 sunglasses, Teen Vogue Magazine, Target brand Brown, pink, and blue, beachtowel, itouch. :)

That's my typical pool 'outfit'. ;)

[xoxo] Katy

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