Beaches and Tigers and Blogs, Oh My!

Hey everyone! Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you, I do indeed have yet another logo/layout change. It makes the blog a lot more beachy, since, well I am going to the beach! :)
From the 29th thru the 7th I will be deep in the heart of Florida, and will document my entire stay by video camera, camera, and BLOG! Yep, using my grandparent's computer, I will be able to talk to you all about how my trip is going, what things I see, buy, or experience. I may or may not have the finger strength to post it here and the forum, but I will reconfigure that later. :)
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read, comment, and tell everyone you know about my blog.
I hope to use this summer to crank up the ammount of readers...

See AGF's new logo: created by me!!!

Now for your daily dose of fashion!


[information from:]

How to wear Animal prints

Do it casually. Don't try to be cute or clever by matching too many elements of an outfit; you'll look like you're trying too hard to make a fashion statement. Instead, aim for a balanced ensemble of complementary pieces.

Be a minimalist. No one wants to feel as if they have just gone on safari after spending time with you. Animal print looks best when present only in one pattern in no more than one or two elements of an outfit.

Just because something is available in animal print doesn't mean it should actually be worn. There is no shortage of clothing manufacturers out there committing fashion crimes with animal print. Translation: do not wear pants, jackets, coats or skirts in animal print patterns. Limit the print to smaller items or accessories - unless, that is, you are going for the Cruella DeVille look.

Print looks chic as a compliment to neutrals and solid color-schemes, especially basic black, chocolate brown, and beige. Smart use of animal prints: As a hand-bag, shoes, a scarf, a shirt (especially under a blazer), mittens or muffs.

Wild Print Tips

Keep everything else simple, elegant and sleek.
You are not a lion; don't wear a wild mane. If there ever was a time to have big hair, this is not it.
Animal print may bring out your wild side, but resist wearing animal print with a dangerously short skirt... you'll look like a cougar on the prowl.
Finally: If in doubt, do without!



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