The Perry's, Blinking dresses, and More.

Yep. Another layout change. I guess I am crazy about it!
Every layout I have come across has {to me} had a flaw!
Including this one, so don't expect it to be here long!
I am realllyyy sorry that I cannot make up my mind, but I am known for it!

Katie Perry VS. Katy Perry

I couldn't resist searching "Fashion news" on google!
This story came up.

{BRISBANE, Australia (Billboard) – Singer Katy Perry's representatives are attempting to block an Australian fashion designer from trade-marking her clothing range with the brand name Katie Perry.
The designer, who started her high-end Katie Perry loungewear label two years ago, initiated a trademark application in September 2008 and recently opened her first outlet in Sydney. But she was hit with a cease-and-desist order from representatives of the EMI-signed artist, in an attempt to halt the "similar name" being used in connection with the clothing label.
The Australian businesswoman was born Katie Jane Perry, but sometimes goes by the name Katie Howell.
EMI said in a statement Thursday that a "routine notice letter was sent to Ms. Howell, as is customary in trademark practice, alerting her of Ms. Perry's intended application" for trademark protection down under.
The American pop singer, whose real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, has become a mainstream star in Australia, scoring a No. 1 hit last year with "I Kissed A Girl" and winning best newcomer at the MTV Australia Awards in March. Her follow-up "Hot N Cold" reached No. 4. She is scheduled to begin in Australian tour on Brisbane on August 12.}



I ROTFL'ed at this! haha.

{LONDON (Reuters Life!) – Former Wimbledon champion Maria Sharapova presented a prototype dress to reporters that is designed to light up when the wearer's mobile telephone rings.
British fashion student Georgie Davies dreamed up the knee-length short-sleeved white dress as part of a school project with mobile phone-maker Sony Ericsson to figure out ways of incorporating new technology into fashion.
Davies said the dress is designed to eventually be connected to the wearer's phone by Bluetooth wireless technology, so she can be alerted to a call even in noisiest of places.
"When you're in a pub or a bar, you can never, ever hear your phone," 20-year-old Davies told Reuters on Wednesday.
One shoulder of the dress down to the hip is embellished with translucent white scales that move and light up.
Sharapova showed off the dress to a gaggle of photographers and a crowd of passers-by from the window of a luxury department store in central London.}


Toooodles. x)


xoxo {Katy}

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