I'm Gaga

{101st post!}

Lots of blogs have done features on fashion icons, so I have decided to feature Lady Gaga. x)


Stefania Gabriella Germanotta, or known by her stage-name, Lady Gaga, is a major fashion icon.
She brings a quirky, unique fashion sense to the streets with her zipper eyepatches, bow-tie hair do's, and much much, much, more.

"Gaga has been influenced by fashion and has been appreciated for her provocative sense of style and her influence on other celebrities. Musically, she is inspired by glam rockers such as David Bowie and Queen as well as pop singers like Michael Jackson and Madonna."

"When I'm writing music, I'm thinking about the clothes I want to wear on stage. It's all about everything altogether—performance art, pop performance art, fashion. For me, it's everything coming together and being a real story that will bring back the super-fan. I want to bring that back. I want the imagery to be so strong that fans will want to eat and taste and lick every part of us."
Gaga is a natural brunette, though her hair has not been its natural color since 2008. According to Times Online, her hair is bleached because as a brunette, she kept being mistaken for fellow singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse. Her image and fashion sense has been channeled by other celebrities like Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. Recent studies indicating a 25% increase in the sales of large knickers in Britain have been accredited to Gaga's influence. According to expert Annette Warburton, teenage girls as young as age sixteen were buying the black undergarments and wearing them as hot pants to emulate Gaga's style.


Getting prepared for a sleepover. ;)



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Miss X said...

Hey Katy! It's X. I want to read 'Love, Stargirl'; but IDT (i dont think) it's around here. I may have to either ask another library to send it over or buy it.

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