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An AMAZING, MUST-HAVE Summer Reading book for the Fashionistas and Shopaholics everywhere!

FASHION 101- A Crash Course in Clothing

I Went to Borders Books a few days ago with a slip of paper I had copied info on a book I found while browsing on http://www.amazon.com/. The name? Fashion 101: A Crash Course in Clothing.
The guy at the Help desk said they didn't have the book in stock, so he'd order it, and it would arrive in- dare I say it- 5-10 business days. I give him my $20, and sulk back to the Appearence section.
Here I was this morning, minding my own business when the UPS guy rings my bell, and there is my beautiful brown cardboard package!!! It didn't take 5-10 business days! *yipee* It took Only 2. ;) Me and my good luck.

You all are probably wondering what this book from heaven is about... And I am terrible with book reviews, so I turn to http://www.sporkfashion.com/.

Here is their Review:

If you are a fashion idiot, this is the book for you.
Fashion 101 is truly a crash course in clothing. Written for teenagers, it describes every conceivable clothing style, with tips on how to wear them and the history behind each item. For the most part, info is provided in an encyclopedic fashion, making it more of a reference than something you have to sit down and read in large gulps. Everything is divided into sections - jewelry, dresses, tops, shoes, etc.
If you are a little fashion-phobic, but want to up your style, this is a great, unintimidating way to get your feet wet. Everything is explained for the layman, from fabrics to necklines. The only downside is that there are no photographs - everything is illustrated with drawings. I imagine getting permission to reprint famous and not-so-famous fashions is a daunting task - both physically and financially. But this definitely has some useful info, including the tale behind the creation of Hermes’ infamous Birkin bag - something that I didn’t even know.

Seeeeee? Doesn't it sound simply amazing?
Other than the 'fashion-idiot' part. *sigh*

Heading to the beach w/ friends.


Katy [xoxo]

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Francie. said...

lohl, i dont have that many followers myself, but i made a "follwers" box just for you.

isnt it great when you get a package at the door!

mmm. i am going to have to order something from ebay just so i can get a package riiight now =]

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