Hanelle Q&A

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An EXCLUSIVE interview with Hanelle! [Style A Propos Blog]

What is your craziest obsession?
Nothing crazy, but I always get a week's worth of small 2% plain Face greek yogurt. I rarely go a day without eating one, it's my mid-afternoon fix.

What clothing brand do you wear the most?
While living in Paris and Toronto, I'd say most of what I owned I got at H&M. But since I moved to Ohio and most recently North Carolina, H&M stores have been relatively hard to come by. Forever 21 is now invading my closet. The quality sometimes doesn't compare but price, trend & variety rocks!

If you could be one fashion designer, who would you be?
Myself when I've made it or not. heheThere are many Designers whose creations I admire but none whom I am entirely loyal to.The one I've admired more than others is Sophia Kokosalaki, especially her previous SS collections.

If you could bring one trend back from the past what would it be?
All trends I'm into are rocking the sidewalks across the world as we speak! 70's bohemian, Goddess draping, rock'n roll, grunge, 50's & red lipstick. Mixed amongst each other these trends create the most unique and interesting looks. I also can't get enough of the Goddess look. So bring it on!

Would you rather be rich and unknown, or famous but poor?
Fame in itself is a double edge sword, so I'd definitely want to be rich and unknown! Not being able to roam around without being bothered would make me more miserable than being poor.


xoxo Katy

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