Rain and Q&A

when I interview fashionistas...

Second up: Lemon

What is your craziest obsession?
Well, I'm addicted to my Viva La Juicy perfume. I just adore the smell and I can't go a day without wearing it!

What clothing brand do you wear the most?
Well, I wear alot of Aeropostale, although it's not my favorite..it's just a good price, I guess. But I also have lotsa vintage stuff I get from everywhere!

If you could be one fashion designer, who would you be?
Ooh, this is tricky. I would have to say Betsey Johnson. I absolutely adore her cute things! Her designs are so funky and original, and colorful, and I love that!

If you could bring one trend back from the past what would it be?
I've always admired the chic outfits of the fifties..I love the loose dresses with classic patterns and cute bows so I would have to say that!

Would you rather be rich and unknown, or famous but poor?
Rich and unknown, of course! I could never live without the luxury items you receive when you're rich! Haha.


My cousin's lacrosse game got rained out. :(
My friend and I made posters and everything! We sat down, got our pix taken by some team Mom's, and then. BOOM. thunder. lightning. rain!

haha. I'll wait for the postponed one!

[xoxo] Katy

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