Reruns, Reciepts, and other Lovely things

Whew. I bet you could tell from my lousy post below this that I was pretty busy today. x)
All my friends are at camp, so this week was supposed to be one of those "Gosh, why can't the week just end already." kind of weeks. {that sentence had the word, week three times! xP}
Well. Where do I start? Oh yes. This morning I had a tennis match at 9 which I just so happened to have won.
The day went uphill from there, with me being dragged around to erands and such, until right around 2ish. With me friend-less, I lounged around and watched "True Jackson VP" reruns until 4'oclock, when I babysat and was given this really cool bracelet which I described on the forum.
After that around 5, my parents and I looked frantically for this darn receipt for our new plasma, which needs to go back to BestBuy to be replaced.
But, enough about me. Let's see what's up in the fashion world.
Check out the awesome links below to see. :)

{Lovely} Links

UK Vogue's top Trend Picks:

UK Vogue's sightings of Jewelry on the catwalk:

UK Vogue's writer, Laura Bohinc: 14K Fraud:



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