Rainy Days and Outfits.

It rained again. Not Normal.

I didn't get much sleep. Not Normal.

I am totally out of things to do here. Not Normal.

So.. I was thinking of doing this daily thing- where I post either pics, or a description of my outfits.... :)

Katy's outfit - 6/3 (yesterday)

YMI mini light-washed jean skirt with sparkely lace trim, Blue Delias "Peace Out" tee, American Eagle striped blue tank underneath, Lord and Taylor Mirror Flip flops, and a bandaid on my big toe. *ouch* Haha, also, my sandollar bracelet and pastelle beaded bracelet. Mirror earrings and pearl necklace.

Katy's outfit - 6/4 (today)

Blue and green plaid Aero knee-length shorts, Teal American eagle Babydoll and green undershirt. Along with my FAVE sandollar bracelet and peace sign one.

What Should I post now????
Hehe. I got this from Aqua's signature on the forum.. So, I guess I'll post that, and go eat some pudding or something....

xoxo Katy
P.S. New Chapter added!

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