GUPS Week 2 and toenails


Week 2!

Each of you will be assigned an emotion, and must make an art set based on that emotion. Part of the judging this week is on how well your set reflects your emotion, so do your best! No other restrictions on this other than that it must reflect your given emotion.
This is an ART challenge. No fashion sets will be accepted for this challenge. This is also the mandatory challenge. If you don't do it you won't be allowed to continue in the competition.
These assignments are done by me, hopefully in keeping with everyone's skill levels. I tried really hard to make them fair.

Happiness- Rachel
Fear- Moose
Anger- Britta
Love- Swimmer
Contentment- Bri
Sadness- Duckie
Jealousy- Sparkle
Honesty- Lemon
Hope- Marla

I hope the assignment thing makes sense, if ya'll have any questions let me know. Be creative, and have fun!

Make a FASHION set centered around a WEBSITE. It can be any website, as long as it's appropriate of course. This will be fun. No other restrictions other than that your outfit must involve a website. If your set reflects your chosen website really well, I'll love it even more. This is a FASHION challenge. No art sets will be accepted for this challenge. This is an optional challenge, but you will get bonus points/prizes for winning!Happy contest-ing, good luck everyone in week 2! I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. Remember that your main challenge entries are due MONDAY at MIDNIGHT EST and your bonus challenge entries are due WEDNESDAY at MIDNIGHT EST.

-BB [G.U.P.S thread on the forum]



IN: Sandals
OUT: chunky clogs

How to Paint your nails the right way~

Pick colors that will either match the majority of your outfits, or that show off your skin color/tone. Great Combinations:

Tan skin- oranges, corals, pinks, ...

Pale skin- Reds, Burgundy, deep purple, ...

Dark Skin- clear coat, Blues, ...

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