Hair Q&A and Photoshoots!

Hair Q&A


Q: My hair is full of static today and its not cooperating at all! Do any of you know any QUICK remedies for static hair (ive tried hairspray and water) thanks!!


A: There are numerous ways to cure hair that just won't stay down! First, the most common remedy, is running a Dryer sheet through your hair. One way that I use constantly- and you can use if you don't happen to have a dryer sheet on hand- thoroughly rub lotion on your hands, and run your hands through your hair (smooth it down) and presto change-o!


Q: I am looking for a good hair straightener that won't extremely damage my hair and will straighten well. I am currently using a cheap Durabrand one from WalMart and it makes my hair straight but really damages it and makes it frizzy. If anyone knows of a good hair straightener that I could get then that would be great! :)


A: Hmmmm. The straightener I use is called "Remington; Wet 2 Straight". Although it specializes in straightening wet hair, I use it for the complete opposite. you can set it for different numbers, which control the temperatures. It is really easy to use and takes like 2 seconds to heat up. I got it for $30 from Target.


Yay! I got the O.K. from BB to begin the judging process, and I am so excited for the challenges to come! I sent in my reviews just now, and would like everyone who participated to know that they did an AWESOME job, and give yourself a pat on the back!



This is me at camp. I dressed up for "Crazy dress Night"

Me making a funny face. x]

My Guinea Pig, Delia. (I call her Delly-Belly, or Honey Bunches. hehe.)

Thats all for tonight. Toodles!

xx. Katy


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Speedy said...

omg I sometimes have frizzy/static hair! xD those are great tips and never even though of a dryer sheet! FAB! :D The straightener you recommended I can also vouch's the exact one my daughter has and I use it all the time on my damp hair and it's great! Awesome Katy!

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