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Hey Everyone, I am terribly sorry for the lack of blog posts lately! I have been super busy, and have only gotten a few seconds of free time, which isn't enough to blog, go on GS, PV, and GU. *sigh* Anyways, lets cut to the chase...


IN: Converse

OUT: Sketchers

Today, we will begin the Fashionness with our new topic here on StyleMeBlog, Katy's Advice Column. I have asked some girls on the forum, if they would help me out by venting to me their fashion problems... Lets get started. [all are anynamous {SP}]


Dear Katy,

I am having a little bit of trouble finding inspiration to make fashions [on Girlsense], can u help me out with that?


Dear GSGamer,

I hear that your river of inspiration has gone dry... No fear! I have some tips, and ideas for you!

1) Look at other successful member's boutiques and fashions for inspiration. [no copying!]

2) Look at clothing in the real world that is unique, and decorative. Try to duplicate the jist of the outfit/apparel in the FDS.

3) Be Creative and use your noggin! Think about an outrageous theme, or something very simple and chic at the same time.

4) Use your resources! In the FDS think about great and unique ways to use stamps, cuts, and decos to go wild with your own style!

Hope that helped!



Dear Katy,

well i am kinda wondering what styles to pick out especialy on shirts. i can't just wear anything because i am kinda over weight, so it has to look right, any advice?


Dear Fashionistatobe,

I most certainly have advice for you! I feel your pain, when you say that "it has to look right", because some shirt styles may wear you rather than you wearing it. Of course, things that are uncomfortable are definitely out of the question, because who wants that? Styles that I recommend are:

1) Colors that bring out your best features, like your lips, hair, eyes, etc.

2) For slightly overweight girls, wear tops and dresses that emphasize the waist line, and flow out from there. Try to wear belts around the waist [not hips] to also do this correctly.

3) Obviously like I said before, Comfort counts!

4) Pay attention to my blog for more info on what styles are in and out. ;)

Where you say "expecially on shirts," heres where I can help you out with that:

Empasized waist line looks like this:

Try to find thick belts. ;)

xoxo Katy

P.S. To ask me more Questions go to the forum and the thread is under Advice Column [under interests]

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