Case Closed.

Post #42. *yay*

Case closed. I found the dress.

A few days ago, I posted about my trouble finding an online store with the perfect dress for my friend's Birthday. Well, I got so fed up with online shopping, that I dragged my Mom out to the mall, and went to delias in person. Sure enough, the dress I had been drooling over on the web, was there before my eyes, in my exact size! I jumped for joy, and paid 34$ for this beauty:

<- Orlee Knit Dress

So there goes all my troubles! I have the perfect dress, and stole a pair of silver heels from my Mom's closet. I am such a klutz, though that while trying on a pair of black heels, I fell right over, and the heel part of one shoe stabbed me in the ankle. I am definitely not what you call graceful. Now, all I need to worry about is not falling down the stairs on "opening night" and breaking my neck. :)


The Results will be up TONIGHT! Can't wait!!! x]

[go to BB's Blog to find out if you made it!]

I will see if I have time after dinner, to post more.... x)

xx. Katy

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Speedy said...

yay and the dress is gorgeous and you didn't even have to wait for it! Hopefully you can take a pic when you have the whole outfit on and we can see! :D Glad you found it Katy gal!

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