Polyvoreness xD

By the looks of the title, you may be able to tell, that I will be showing you some of my latest PV sets, and others' sets that I am proud of/like. :)


Lilac Fresh
Lilac Fresh - by KatyLOVESu on Polyvore.com

My Zebra patterned Fairytale...
My Zebra patterned Fairytale... - by KatyLOVESu on Polyvore.com

Spiteful words can hurt.
Spiteful words can hurt. - by Beyond.These.Walls on Polyvore.com

coolio - by ツⓟⓐⓛⓞⓚⓔツ on Polyvore.com

Imagining...doing... - by StyleChix19 (Waaaay Behind) on Polyvore.com

PLUS.... Coming Soon to Girls United.... A POLYVORE CONTEST! Hoo-ray! :)

xx. Katy

Hope yall LOVED your snowdays! (most of u)

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BB said...

Hey, thanks for featuring my set! =D I really appreciate it! Your blog is looking great Katy, you're a fabulous blogger and I love the layout. It's purty. :)

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