Yes, snow piled down all night here. 6 inches!!!!! OMGG! That definitely is a record breaker! Usually we get out of school after about 2 inches..... But it's too bad we already had school cancelled because of some teachers meeting. :( Oh well.... I think I'll live.


[credits to BB for the motivation]

As you know, a certain member, Brownsugar0000's priceless, beautiful fashions were wiped out completely by a member who was "Having a bad day". Now, until now we all probably thought that Girlsense had us covered with all these awesome ways to keep our fashion friends safe, the flagging button. But now that the option has been abused, shouldn't Girlsense show their support and possibly figure out some other way to get rid of the bad? Yes. Exactly. Now, a chain of members are neglecting GS by "leaving" and finding refuge in some other site. What website wants that? No one. So here me out, leave comments and create your own arguments.

(Thanks again BB)

I will get back to yall tonite when I have some idea for Fashionness. :)

Until then!
xx. - Katy

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BB said...

Yayyy snow! We have 2 or 3 inches here, we had more but some of it blew away :( I haven't blogged about it yet though. x] And thanks for the rant.

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