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"There's always gonna' be another mountain,
I'm always gonna wanna make it move...."

"The Climb", Miley Cyrus


I was browsing through some of Blogger's announcements, and found myself clicking a link and joining a site called Plinky. Im still new to it, but so far I know that they ask questions and you give answers. Apparently it is for those with "Writer's Block", like moi. Soo.... one of the Questions is:

If you were named based on your traits, habits, or likes, what would your name be?

MY ANSWER: My name probably would be, Purple Penguin. Well, pitiful, but I like penguins and purple. I bet you could figure out something better, so GO FOR IT! Comment away. :)


I have found 3 awesome tips on Beauty and Fashion advice for you. :)

[all tips from:]

What is one of the best things you can do for your nails?

Drink water ! Brittle nails can be attributed to dehydration so make sure you are getting enough water.

What to do if you hair sticks up?

If you hair sticks up frequently then you have cuticle damage which means the outer layers are peeling up exposing the inside fiber. An intact cuticle protects the fiber. In intact cuticle protects the fiber when it's interrupted the fiber is more susceptible to static and other elements. Try using a silicone based or leave in conditioner after you shampoo. This will coat the fiber making it less prone to static. It also might help to use a natural bristle brush rather then synthetic

Applying eye shadow to achieve big beautiful eyes?

Most eye shadows are merchandised in 3 or 4 complementary shades with 2 neutral colors which is what I call the base color and the darker color which is what I call the accent color and a lighter color which is what I refer to as the highlight color.
Apply base color on the eyelid and apply the accent (darker color) from lash line to the brow (in the crease of the eye). Use the highlighting color for highlighting the brow bone.


xoxo Katy

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