Whats up with Katy (DECEMBER)

"Whats up with Katy" is a Blog post that I will make for each and every month, just to let you know what was up with me! This one is for the B-U-S-Y month of December.


The month of December is always pretty crazy for me. With the stress of Christmas and New years preperation, I tried my best to get online at least 2-3 times a week, or even just the weekends! It was a definitely a relief during the break. I will now show you a pic.

[above] This is me on Christmas day. My sis and I are wearing matching Pajama pants from Aeropostale, although hers are gigantic on her!

New Years Eve

On New Years Eve, I watched the ball drop on NBC like many people in in US do. My neighbor and I played Mario Kart (wii) till our arms fell off, and played a really fun game called "Qwirkle", which I think yall should totally get! [below]

$33.60 at Amazon.com

When the Ball dropped, we ran outside (It was freezing!) and banged on pots and pans. Then we sipped Sparkling Apple Cider and enjoyed the first few minutes of the new year.

Thanks for Reading about some of the memorable moments of December '08.

xoxo Katy

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