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Thanks for coming to my brand new 2009 blog, StyleMeBlog. Im very excited to create my own blog, exspecially one dealing with my favorite subject, FASHION! Yes, my blog will for now on be about fashion, style, or anything else in that category. Thanks for reading! Now you can read up about me:

About Katy

My name is Katy, and I happen to have my own webshow on www.youtube.com which is called "Faboo". To find me, search soccerluver222. Please leave me a note or comment, and I will be sure to get back to you. Let me let you know that I am very forgetful, so if you keep telling me your idea, or greeting over and over again, I really wouldn't mind! Anyways, I am a lover of fashion, and my alltime favorite aspect, Jewelry! So, if you find any deals- be sure to let me know! My favorite websites are: www.girlsense.com and www.girlsenseforum.heavenforum.com so PLEASE check them both out! Im not going to give out too much info about myself, so you'll just have to join those two webs. My username on Girlsense is "Handbaghailey", so please come check out my boutique. Ok, more about moi. My favorite T.V. show is "Jon and Kate plus 8", and I love Natasha Beddingfield, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez. My favorite activity is to play soccer and, you guessed it, Shopping!!! Thanks for reading, I just realized I wrote alot of words there. Anyways, I will be creating new posts on this blog every few days, every day, week, or whenever I have a minute. I assure you, that I am not making any profit out of this site, or anything, and am not trying to copy anyones' ideas or words. If you think I am, let me know- and I will be sure to take the post down immediately.

xoxo Katy

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Any suggestions? Leave a comment, and I will try my best!

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