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This blog is turning out to be more and more about moi xD Hope you don't mind! Anyways, funny story, scroll down! :)

Yesterday, I was babysitting my cousins. The older of the two (only 4) and I were creating a story book out of construction paper and using markers, glitter, feathers, and such. The story was about a Princess and a Dragon becoming friends or something..... (xD) Anywho, I read her and her younger (2 yrs. old) sister the story, and the older one isn't satisfied. She has me add a part at the end of them dancing or something. I accidently mess up on the picture (darn markers) and she is FURIOUS! She screams and crys putting her head down on the table. Her younger sis starts screaming from the other room, and I rush over there (oh joy....) and find she needs a diaper change. I return to the Kitchen to throw the diaper in the trash, and find my story-book, that took me at least an hour to perfect, crumpled up in the trash can. I gentily take it out and question my cousin about it. I use the whole, "What would your Mommy and Daddy say if I told them.." line, and she screams at the top of her lungs, "Go Away! I don't want to play with you!" With that, she storms out of the Kitchen and starts fake-crying on the couch. Holy Cow. She ends up forgetting about it, but it still makes me frustrated just thinking about the whole situation! *grr*

xoxo Katy

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