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Today's topic or focus is "Sweaters". For a while no one would be seen in a sweater, expecially one like this:

I was browsing through websites again, and this time, I found GOOD examples of super cute sweaters. Most of them are from Delias. So.... ENJOY!!

Sweater 1 (from Left): A beautiful, button down, quarter sleeved zebra sweater that is pink and brown. The combinations of colors go great with the models skintone and hair. :)
Sweater 2 (from left): A long sleeved, bumble-bee sweater, matched with a brown belt, is displayed, along with a cute jean skirt! :)
Sweater 3 (from left): Black, white, and blue. A GREAT Combo! I love the zebra button down, unbuttoned, with a nice teal colored top underneath. This again, is an awesome combo. :)
Thanks for reading!
xoxo Katy

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