My Snow Wish!

Whats Up with Katy

Yes, by the sound of the title, you may or may not know, that Maryland got a good 2-3 inches of snow yesterday! I spent all day out sledding with friends, drinking hot cocoa, (with a Burnt tongue!) and playing this really fun game called "Role Call". (a version of hide and seek)

You haven't even heard the BEST part! Last night, we had a C.O.L.D ice-storm/sleet/snow storm and the snow is iced over, making sledding even more fun! :) Doing all of my snow-rituals really did pay off! *hehe*


My mom just got this email today, that gave showed her pics that were the winners of some National Geographic contest or something... I thought some of them were Very VERY cool, and decided to share them with you. :)

*sssscrrroooolllllll dowwwnnn*

Thanks for reading! :)

xoxo Katy

P.S. This was in an email I got, and these pictures do not belong to me. :)

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