Awesome deals, and Katy's happenings.....

Wow Deals

Yes, I know I am posting a lot of paint documents lately, because I am obsessed with creating them. This one is about awesome deals, only 3 at the moment, so please take a look! I was browsing through the pages earlier and found this cute red peacoat at Forever21. Usually when you see a beautiful peacoat (a pretty nice, fancy coat) you would expect it to burn a hole in your pocket, at somewhere in the triple didgets. This particular peacoat was marked down on clearance to around 20-24$ if I am correct. I then, decided to create a paint with some other awesome deals from that website as well. :)

Whats Up with Katy

I have decided to entertain you with a little itty-bitty review of my busy week, because I am terribly bored. If you want to read more, SCROLL DOWN NOW! If you don't, than go count ceiling tiles or something.......


On Monday, like all Mondays, it was crazy for me. Woke up on cue, picked out my outfit carefully in around 10 minutes, (I devote 10 minutes a day to fashion) run downstairs, eat something, straighten my hair, and such. It is FREEEEEZING here in MD, which is pretty unusual, because just a few weeks ago, it was like 60 degrees. Anyways, I get to school and live that down. Mondays are Boring, and nothing good ever happens.


I took 2 English tests today on a book I am reading for school, "The true Confessions of Charlotte Doyle", By Avi. I really recommend (I can't spell!) that you read this book. People always say that its boring, like my they just can't put it down! Later on I found that I got A+'s on both! :)


-Same old Boringness-


The School/Class spelling bee was today! As usual, we all stood around the room, and went down the line spelling words. [I have an advisory class full of people that think they're so funny] Lots of the kids who really can't spell anything, spelled their own name when it was their turn. *sigh*. Anyways, on round 4 I was one of 5 people left. It was 3 guys, my friend, and me. My teacher went down the line, with easy words, like "explosion", "levitation", and such. Then it came to me. My teacher says, "Katy, spell the word "pedestle". (I sware that is how to spell it) I shiver and pronounce it: "pedestal. P-E-D-I-S-" pause. "T-L-E Pedestal." I bet lots of adults spell pedestal wrong. *humph*


Thats TODAY! :) In Math, we were learning about the Stock Market. I practically fell asleep. I did some calculations as I almost died of boredom.


-number of ceiling tiles: 1,183

-number of kids that are asleep: 2

-number of times my teacher says "like" a minute: 6

-number of times my brain hurts: too many to count.

Obviously, I got bored.

Anyways, that was my week. I know it was kind of a snooze, but hey- I am B-O-R-E-D. Yea, I spelled that right!!! :)

xoxo Katy

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