Katy's picks and Polyvore

Katy's Picks

Thanks for coming back to read my 3rd blog post! I really appreciate it. Anyways "Katy's top picks" is where I show you my favorite fashion items at the moment. I am working on trying to put these items on the side of the blog, but that work is still in progress. Enjoy!


Polyvore, is an awesome website, where you can create "sets" of fashion related items, or create collages of MILLIONS and TRILLIONS of pictures. It is really cool!!! Don't believe me? See it for yourself at www.polyvore.com and then you will see! My username is KatyLOVESyou, so please come check out my latest and best sets. Or.... if you don't have the time, just scroll down!

Abstract Sailboat. by KatyLOVESyou

Be Different. Be Happy. :o) by KatyLOVESyou

Angie Mandy. :) by KatyLOVESyou

Lighten Up... by KatyLOVESyou

Rain. Let it Fall. by KatyLOVESyou

Lollipop Lollipop. by KatyLOVESyou

Dorky. Thats Me. by KatyLOVESu

xoxo Katy

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BB said...

Omg I love those orange earrings *runs off to find a Forever21 close to me so I can buy them* They're awesome. And so are the Polyvore sets. :D

Anonymous said...

Great website, Katy! I love how you explore different types of fashions... but come on, that guy from the santa Claus's sweater is AWESOME!!!



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