This is my first post- I think......- about That's a website that involves fashion, and happens to be my fave. On Girlsense, you design fashions to put in store windows, or Boutiques. You can sell these fashions at your boutique, or through auctions. Some users like to sell their fashions at designated times, or through "sales". Girlsense just unveiled the new icing to the cake, the NEW Fashion Design Studio, or "FDS". This is where you create fashions. Girlsense involves all the facts from the real world, Buying and Selling, making profits, and managing shoppers, or consumers. This thriving site has 14,256,672 members (about) and suits preteen and teen girls. I have only begun to describe this brilliant website, so what are you waiting for!?!? CLICK THAT LINK ALREADY! :)

Or....Scroll Down. :)

My boutique is: "Handbaghailey"

Thanks for reading, and I hope you visit my boutique!

xx. Check the sidebar for Girlsense Videos! .xx

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