What were they thinking?

What were they thinking?
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(No using my words without my personal permission. The images displayed are NOT my own, and I am only the creator of the paint doc.)

Regularly, I browse through store websites, looking for sales, clearances, or good buys. A few days ago however, I found a tab at one of the websites I go to frequently, that showed me some of their selection that was "New" to their site. (I would know because I browse online there alot) There were outfits put together, which I combined into a paint document for you, that I found very peculiar. I then said to myself, "What were they thinking?". I hope that you feel the same as me. Now, my question is, Will this trend catch on? Possibly, we could be walking around in eye popping colors, and fish netting tights in the next few months. Do you see this in your future?

Outfit 1) This outfit reminds me of a classic old-school-girl outfit. Although modified with a brown crocadile clutch, open toe black-and-white slip-ons, and bright red, pattern embedded tights. This outfit makes the model look skinnier, and taller. I would never be seen in this. Would you?

Outfit 2) This next outfit slightly relates to some kind of retro, hippie era, and certainly doesn't appeal to my tastes. The model wears a two different shades of purple, one plum, and one royal, or dark. Her tanktop-like top is tucked into loose, ellastic fitting shorts that appear to be making the models slender figure a bit more chubby. She dresses that up with tall brown boots, and a lovely scarf, that I actually like. Thank goodness they didn't throw in tights!

Outfit 3) Model number three starts off the mess with a loose, baggy grey sweatshirt, and lime green spandex, accompanied by a thick blue headband and shades. She clings to a tote-like bag, which looks a bit too girly for this baggy tom-boy look. Now, dare I say it? What were they thinking!?

Thanks for reading my opinions. You probably have your own comments about this-so that is exactly the reason there is a comment spot. Everyone has their own opinions, and that is perfectly fine!

xoxo Katy

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BB said...

I don't think these are THAT bad, but my own style is rather... different, lol. I will say that #1 is just plain weird though... o.0
#2 is really cool except that the shorts look like they were made from a parachute or something, I would have gone with a cute high-waisted skirt with a nice belt on it instead.
#3 is really 80's-ish and somewhat cool, but I hate the headband and the whole outfit looks kinda like something from another planet, LOL!
What site was this from? x]
BTW, you're quite a nice blogger. I love reading your fashion thoughts =]

Anonymous said...

I actually really like those outfits. :D

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