My Fashion Class [Re-opened!]

Yes, by the looks of the title, you can see two things.

  1. I have a FASHION class

  2. I have Reopened my FASHION class

If you are still reading, kudos to you! Anyways, I have a Fashion class on, which I would totally recommend you join ASAP! :) My fashion class is for anyone, even the busiest users! I try to limit your time on the computer, while teaching you the basics of fashion as I learn it. Actually, there is more of you being in controll with the countless 5-minute assignments that are low-key and E--A--S--Y! :)

Anyways, to find my class, scroll ALL the way down until you see "Forum Academy". I think my class is the second down. Click there, and go read through the latest posts for the info. Thankies!!! *xoxo*


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