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Yes, SMB Has these new picture ma-bobs, which are in place of the bolded titles I usually put for different topics. Hurray for organizationnnnn! :D

In Girlsense news...

I have made a new Faboo* Episode, about the new updates, such as the outfits option and Trophies [below]. Also, there are fun games where you actually play another member in games like Checkers, Connect Four, and more! :)

[for wayyy better quality search "Faboo episode 32" on, or find my channel: Soccerluver222! Remember to select HQ to watch in HD]

In "Fashionness", or today called, "Trends"... we will be discussing some of the new Spring - Summer '09 trend predctions!

[---- from:]

It will be a season high on bright colors, much fluorescent.

Claude Vuillermet, stylist of LE CUIR A PARIS says: "For this resolutely optimistic season, color takes centre stage and joins forces with materials. Impossible to predict which will be champion: blues are playing across all tones; greens are insistent; yellows are intensifying; terracotta, lobster and mandarin persist; colored neutrals calm things down. White covers all surfaces, black and red outline contours. Pink insists despite predictions of its imminent demise each season. A summer personified by a character whose hesitations and moods, we have chosen to relay, are described through 6 color stories."


-Big shades and oversized handbags will be replaced by...actually, I don't think they're going anywhere. But alternative styles will abound.
-Designer duds will be more discrete, or so I hope.
-Individualism will flourish as more media outlets provide more information and provide a forum for more points of view.
-Shoe styles will become more practical. Yay!
-Dark denim will continue to reign supreme as the preferred jean of choice.
-More ladies will rock leggings for day and night, oh yes!
-Black will be big as fashionistas look to save money on fashion and still look stylish.
-Dry cleaning will be out, green cleaning (and washing stuff at home) will be in.
-Street style will continue to soar.
-Kate Moss will still be super. And modeling.
-Polyester and pleather will be cool as more eco-conscious fashionistas adopt a vegan/vegetarian outlook on life.
-Thrifting and consignment shop sales will continue to climb until the economy stops sinking.


-Black-and-white - this retro inspired style always looks sophisticated and eye-catching at the events. This year expect occasional bows and bow-ties elements ala Zac Pozen.

- Metallics - everything including gowns, clutches and shoes. Unfortunately this trend is still going strong on red carpets, and I must admit it always does the work of attracting cameras to the spark.

- All black gowns - we've seen this trend last award season with stars like Jennifer Garner (remember the notorious Oscar de la Renta?). Flattering-any-body black gowns will probably be favorites again, in new one-shoulder or asymmetric shapes.

- Bold shoes - you've heard by now that shoes are the new bags, and we are about to see many of them attracting more attention than anything on the red carpet. In addition to all-stars favorites Jummy Choo and Christian Louboutin expect candy-colored Cavalli and Zanotti heels.

- Hard case clutches - patent, metallic or stone and jewels encrusted, this year the hottest clutches come in hard cases that look great against sleek satin or silk.

Ah-bviously, you may need to ad-lib to fit your price range, but Hey! Don't you love it when you know what's "in"?


xoxo Katy

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