Floral Flair


Look at this awesome video:

I thought this video was very helpful on ways to cheaply purchase your floral essentials. :) Here is some info from the video:

Floral Coat $28 at Kohl's
Floral Dress $50 at TJ MAXX
Floral Blouse $15 at TJ MAXX
Floral Top $22 at Kohl's
Flower Pins $4 at Claire's
Flower Necklace $40 at Target
Flower Clutch $15 at Target
Flower Purse $35 at Kohl's
Flower Shoes $6 at Forever 21

Florals are so big this year…from delicate mini florals, to artistic oversized prints. In this month's edition of "Real Simple" magazine, there is even a five page spread, showing the best floral pieces around.

Many of the items are pretty expensive, costing hundreds of dollars. But after shopping around the Salt Lake Valley, here are some similar items, for a fraction of the cost!

[all this and more at: http://studio5.ksl.com/index.php?nid=58&sid=6178801]


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