Back from the Past

Trends have magically come "back from the past", and are seen everywhere present day. Today we will examine three of these such trends.


"The 80’s.... Neon was all the rage, and shoulder pads were not only reserved for quarterbacks, but for office ladies. And we saw that in 2008, the 80’s trends have made their way back into the national consciousness."

Okay, so at the moment the 80's are in:




"Ah, remember the carefree summers spent running around in the back yard catching rocks in the bottoms of your sparkly pastel jelly shoes? Did you have a pair in every color they sold? Little girls need cute shoes in every color, just like they will when they grow up!"

Okay, so "Jelly shoes" are now back from the 80's and 90's believe it or not. Try finding them in the 1$ section of target, at the local Payless, or online, and you may just find a pair in your size. Surprisingly confortable, I am relieved that finally something COMFORTABLE is "in" for a change. I sure hope this lasts! Try your best to keep the pebbles out, and you'll be set.

[images from Google - Images]


"in" during 1980:

*Cotler pants – jeans that had snap pockets that would fold over exposing a different color.
*zebra club oversize sweatshirts (maybe its only a west coast thang)
*la bands (black bracelets Madonna's wearing (now sell it at hot topic)
*trench coats
*long scarves
*jelly shoes/sandals
*sling back usually by spirit
*Esprit laundry bags
*guess or jean jacket (usually in light pink or blue jean and or white)
*door knocker earrings –gold bamboo
*ripped jeans
*pink lip stick
*blue eyeliner
*heavy eyebrows
*wearing non matching earrings (pretty n pink)
*pumps (all colors)
*large buttons or large burgundy tan striped outfits w/ a flip over collar
*playboy bunny sweatshirts, t-shirts etc
*putting letters or your name or tag on the back of t-shirts or member only jackets
*Sailor hats and or sailor like blouses
*Mob like hats
*Zute suits pants w/ suspenders
*button type earrings and or odd shaped/dice earrings/metal or metallic earrings
*kamikaze shirts that had sleeves that would zip off like a t-shirt length or like a muscle shirt
*Japanese earrings or clothing w/ Japanese characters on them
*Biker shorts or spandex
*Wearing biker shorts under mini skirts
*polka dots
*lace jeans on one side/jeans w/ different color front & backs


"In" during 2009:

*baggy sweats
*Baggy Sports league wind-breakers
*Chuck Taylors
*American Eagle
*gladiator sandals
*anything unique
*assorted rings
*bird feather inspired accessories
*North Face
*Rain boots
*Spray tans [is this a MD thing?]
*Brunettes [Hair dying]

[me {}]

We have really gotten far from the past, but does that mean it will all change in a matter of time? It is always possible. I mean, Shoulder Pads for the Working class AND Football players? Cowabunga!!!! Here comes a wave from the past!


xoxo Katy

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