What A BIG heart 4 a Little Dog

I am a terrible blogger! :( Gawsh, I will try to blog more during the summer. :)


[video: Japanese dog with a heart-shaped birthmark]

People may wear their heart on a sleeve, but this adorable long-coated chihuahua puppy wears his heart on his back.
This male chihuahua was born in May with a perfect heart shaped marking in his fur. His owner has named him Heart-Kun.
His owner was stunned when she saw the heart marking on his back because she had never seen anything like that before.
What a big heart for a little dog!!!

[Source: Daily Telegraph]

He's sooo cutielicious! :) I dunno how this really goes along with fashion of any kind, but ohhh well. I guess Nilla and I just have OCD. [Obsessive Cuteness Disorder!] hahaha.

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xoxo Katy

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