Outfit of the Day

Outfits of the Day

Dress - Forever21
Necklace - Forever21


Under shirt - Limited Too

Top - Old Navy

Bag - Forever21

BTW, Does anyone know how to center pictures? None of the tags work. :(

Anyways.... I have updated the blog a bit, and have added a couple more Blogs to my list on the right. :)

I suggest that you visit them, [mostly fashion blogs] because they may be where I get some of my inspiration for my blog...

Well, now I'm off to the pool with my new Peacock Pool bag [above] and my teal F21 dress as a cover-up!


[xoxo] Katy

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Daniëlle said...

Hi Katy!

What a great idea to do interviews for your blog! I would like to fill in one some time!
Thank you for your comments!

Kind Regards,


Daniëlle said...

Hi Katy

What is your craziest obsession?
It's maybe a kind of boring, but I don't have very crazy obsession. One of my obsessions is Rosebud Salve Strawberry, I have to put it everyday on my lips, but that isn't that crazy I guess

What clothing brand do you wear the most?
I'm doubting between ZARA and ASOS (that includes Lipsy and ASOS' own brand). I love both brands.

If you could be one fashion designer, who would you be?
Stella McCartney! She has amazing collection, especially the S/S 09 collection! The nude colours, the sequins. I love it!

If you could bring one trend back from the past what would it be?
I'd like to see more boho. You see it this summer a bit, but it's more of the gladiator sandals etcetera. It remembers me a bit of the summer of 2005, the boho-trend was hot. I just became 15 years old and fell in love with all the sequins in the stores.

Would you rather be rich and unknown, or famous but poor?
I'm quite materialistic, so I choose to be rich and unknown.

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