Revenge and Flip-Flops

I got really really bad sunburn yesterday, so I have been at the computer moaning for like 2 hours..... *gotta go to bed soon....* x[

the annual, "Old Navy $1 Flip-Flop sale is here! This Saturday at your local Old Navy! xD

I rushed straight to Blogger when I heard the commerical. xD
Lucky you right???

I am thinking about buying one pair in every color.
*crosses fingers for loads of size #8's!*

Here are some other deals around town....




So, those are a few deals at some select stores..

Hungry for more words of Moi? Go here: and read up about Nallah's revenge in Chapter #7: Revenge tastes sour.


"Kami!" I growled angerly.
"Oops." she said sarcastically, covering her mouth with a manicured hand. "I didn't know you were sitting there, Nallah."
"Oh yes you did." I said through clenched teeth.
Taking a step backwards, I grabbed the closest weapon in sight. An Elmers Glue bottle.
"Nallah, noooooo!" Mehgan exclaimed, trying to pull me back with all her might.
"Go Ahead." Kami said firmly. "Squirt me."
I hesitated and put the bottle down.
"See," she turned to Kara, Klaire, and the crowd of wanna-be's around her. "I knew she didn't have it in her."
And before she could even pop one bubble, or utter one cackle, she was squirted with a fresh glob of Elmers Glue, all over her flawless face and chartreuse cardigan.
"MRS. CHOOOOOO!!!!" she shrieked.
Kara and Klaire raced out the door in pursuit.
Through the white river of glue pouring down her spray-tanned face, I could see Kami's eyes bulge, and her fangs gleam.

Care to read more? Go to!


[xoxo] Katy

P.S. I joined Runway Vixens. My user is: Kaytee


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