Lorax and hot days...

I havent blogged in 5 DAYS!!! I am terribly sorry everyone out there, but tonight's post is going to be pitiful... I might add more later... :)

Whats UP with Katy

This weekend has been very VERY HOT! Here in MD, we broke the 85 degree mark, and went all the way into the 90's.... 0.o Today my friends and I washed a car, and made strawberry, banana [and V8 fusion] smoothies. *yummy* We did the "Hoedown Throwdown" till we could no more, and perished in the heat. Tonight we ate dinner outside, (grilled chicken and steak cabobs) with the 'birds and the bees' haha. (:

Please check my story-blog, http://www.brassneedle.blogspot.com/, becase I have added a new chapter: Bubblegum Bandits.

Dr. Suess's "THE LORAX"

Bri posted this video on the forum, and said that it presented a good message. This sort of supports the whole Earth day 'picture' for '09....

[see it here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=C2003E458EE5E839&search_query=The+Lorax]



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