My Sis's Bday n' more

Yep, today my lil' sis, Ashley turns 9 years old! :) We are going to see the Hannah Montana Movie with all her little midget-friends. haha, jk ash...



MAIN CHALLENGE 4: The Collage Challenge

Your challenge for this week is to make an art set, but not the kind of art set you would expect! For this challenge, everyone is making a collage. I know I'm going to get a lot of people asking, what's a collage? It's an art set that isn't just a photo with textures on it... it's a collection of images, text, drawings, whatever else you want. Here are some examples. :)

If anyone else still has questions about what you're supposed to do, then post them here. :)
Have fun, and be creative! I look forward to seeing what fun collages ya'll come up with. Take risks :)
By the way, this is an ART challenge. Fashion sets won't be accepted. Your entries for this challenge are due MONDAY night at MIDNIGHT EST.


The world is full of many different colors. But all these colors originate from 3 colors... the primary colors, RED, BLUE, and YELLOW. So your bonus challenge for this week is to make a fashion set where the outfit is made up of only the 3 primary colors!
All the parts of the outfit that you WEAR, like the shirt/skirt/pants/jewelry/bag/shoes, must be either red, blue, or yellow.
You DON'T have to use all 3 colors... but you can't use any colors other than those 3, if that makes sense. :) All other items, such as photos/background items/perfumes etc. don't have to be in the 3 primary colors. But the point is for the outfit to be made up of those colors.

This is a FASHION challenge. No art sets will be accepted. Your entries for this challenge are due WEDNESDAY at MIDNIGHT EST.

One more thing gals... I'm going to Cheery's next week, and I'm leaving Thursday. So if I'm late with the results, sorry, but I'll try to get them up while I'm there.
Have fun with this week's challenges! Questions? Sorry if the explanations are confusing.


xoxo Katy

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