Online Shopping [success!] and more

Woww. xD Long day of Babysitting.


IN: Sandals [t-straps]
OUT: Velcro

Remember a while back? When I made predictions on fashion trends to come? Well, I was searching for a pair of those T-strap Sandals, and I came across two almost identical pairs from different stores for waayyy different prices. Lookie here:

Obviously, I bought the Forever21 pair, and bought a top and also a pair of shades for the same price as those t-straps at delias. I mean, they may be better in some way, but think I'll stick with the ones I got. I am waiting for the ten day shipping date to get here.... Don't think I will last that long. :P
But, lesson learned... shop around before you click BUY.

On the topic of Delias, Remember that lovely dress I got? Well this is how I looked in it:

Now that I think about it, that isn't the greatest pic of me... but oh well, you get the picture! :P

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