Buried Treasure x]

"It's a long shot, but we take long shots, because they just might go in"

Last night, while I was at Youth Group, my parents and sister, Ashley went out for a ride on our boat. While boarding, my sister was trying to get a better hold on her change purse full of $100+ of birthday money, and it slipped from her hands, and landed in the water, floating for a couple of seconds before sinking down under leaving only bubbles behind. My sister sobbed and sobbed on the dock, but there was nothing they could do about it. Fishing for it with a net, it was still hopeless... The money was completely gone.

This morning, My Dad and Ashley, went to the boat again to try to convince Ashley that there was no way that she would see her money again. Unbelievably after chanting the quote at the top of this post, and on their last try with the net, up came her "I love Pink" change purse, along with all her Money, giftcards, library cards, etc. Don't believe me? Observe the pictures below:

xoxo Katy

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