April showers bring May flowers.

'April showers bring May flowers'


I don't know if your christians, but I spied god today. All of this week, it has been raining at the most inconvenient times, [in between classes while trying to reach them OUTDOORS] and the wind, howling. Today we had an early dismissal from school because of the end of 3rd quarter, and almost right when we got home, the sky turned blue and all the rain clouds vanished. odd. The wind was still there though of course, and my friend was stuck babysitting her younger sister. We were in my friends 'woodsy' backyard on the swingset, when the wind began to pick up. My friend's little sis was on the bars, struggling to get up. She then gave up and walked away from the bars, when a big gust of wind blew a huge LOG of a branch out of the sky, landing in the very spot under the bars. It was the doing of god. We hugged her like crazy and told her how lucky she was.


IN: Rainboots
OUT: Galoshes

Since we have been talking about frightful weather today, how convenient is it to introduce fashionable waterproof accessories?

BY:Jessica Shapiro

1. Raincoat: I'm not talking about the coats that zip themselves up into a bag, or those from MEC that look as if they are made for treks through the Costa Rican rainforests. When I say raincoat, I mean a fully-lined, double-breasted trench coat, from a place like Urban Outfitters, that comes in an assortment of colours. These fashionable jackets will keep you dry, warm and stylish so you don't have to cry about being wet, when Montreal decides to cry on you.

2. Umbrella: We all love those umbrellas that shrink to the size of your forearm when closed and always come in handy when we're caught in a light drizzle. But on those days (much like the ones we've been experiencing recently) when the rain is coming down as hard as rocks and being swept under and up those little collapsable contraptions, we are in need of bigger and better protectors. It's time to get a real umbrella and while you're at it, don't be shy to pick one with an endearing design. The cuter it is, the trendier you'll look "walkin' in the rain."

3. Rain Boots: Rain boots are one accessory you won't have any trouble finding nowadays. Colourful rain boots in an assortment of patterns are being sold almost everywhere. At first, they were a tad obnoxious, but after dealing with soaking wet socks at the end of every school day for the past two weeks, I've started to take a liking to these tall rubber shoes. For wet students, these are a real hit.

4. Scarves: This sounds like an odd addition to your rain attire, but scarves have proven to be a handy rain guard for many people I know. While protecting our precious necks from the cold, wet wind, scarves also seem to provide useful coverage for our hair! When running from Leacock to Shatner, or whatever short distance you may be attempting, the scarf can save your hair from getting wet if you hold it above you or wrap it around your head. Although it sounds like a silly gesture, if done properly it can look quite elegant, while allowing your 'do to last the day.

5. iPod with happy music: The last accessory that I will suggest is this-an iPod or any music device with the most upbeat tunes you have. Walking to class in the pouring rain is enough to spark minor depression in even the happiest of people. Waking up morning after morning to the same grey sky may even be fatal for some. One of the best ways to conquer this bad mood is to listen to some cheerful music on your way to wherever you are going. The iPod is a modish accessory in any kind of weather, but particularly helpful in the rain. Listen to a little "Dreams be dreams" by Jack Johnson and the mornings won't be so harsh on our hopeful souls.

[ALL INFO ABOVE FROM: http://media.www.mcgilltribune.com/]

Toodle-loo Gotta' get my Beauty rest. hehe.

xoxo Katy

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