great work!!! x]

Its April 2nd. :) Glad that I made it past the 1st without any embarassing pranks! haha.


A D V i C E C O L U M N ~

Dear Katy, its just that i got these sleeveless tops but i think i look fat in them (duh coz i am but i look REALLY fat in them..wut 2 do?????????????????


Dear SleevelessStyle,

I am assuming you are referring to tops without the sleeves on the shoulders... To tell you the truth, I think that I would stick to "sleeved tops". Maybe you can layer them with other sleeved tops underneath, or something like that if you are feeling selfconcious. You should always go out feeling confident about actually feeling like you look great is always a plus! Maybe try referring to my earlier post about empacized waist line tops, for more ideas, as well as watching, "What Not to Wear", on TLC. (<= Thats what I watch to keep on top of things) G.U.P.S

Great Work everyone!!! :) I am so proud with everyone's sets, and nice try Rachel. Maybe try your hardest to build up your skills for next year's contest! :) Again, remarkable work gals! Judging was tough this week because of all the awesome sets.


MAIN CHALLENGE 3: Change it Up

The people whose sets I most enjoy on Polyvore are those who don't have a set style. It's awesome when people use their creativity and do something different. And this week is your chance to do exactly that, because you're going to change up your style.
So here's how it works. I have 4 layouts, and 4 styles. Each of you is going to be assigned one. The 4 of you that get a layout assignment are going to need to make a fashion set using the layout given. And the 4 of you who get style assignments are going to need to make a fashion set using the style given. Easy enough, isn't it? Don't be afraid to try new things! Be bold, be creative, and have fun most of all.
This is a FASHION challenge. Please keep your art sets away, cuz I'm not accepting em here. This is also the mandatory challenge. Make sure you do it, or you're going to have to be eliminated, and you don't want that. These assignments are done by me, in an attempt to stay in keeping with everyone's ability. And if you have any questions about what constitutes your given assignment... post em here and I'll try to dig up an example for you.
Layout people:
Marla- Mosaic
Moose- Splurge or Steal
Lemon- Mannequin
Britta- Fill in the shape

Style people:
Sparkle- Bohemian
Bri- Nerdy/Geeky
Duckie- Artsy
Swimmer- Grunge
Have fun doing something different!

Shrink the SetI'm sure many of you have seen the tiny sets on Polyvore. If not, here's what I'm talking about. [This is just an example. Your set can be whatever you want as long as it's art and it's little.] They're really cute and fun to look at. Your challenge for this week is to make one. No other requirements other than it MUST be ART. Wow me.This will be a fun week, and I can't wait to see what ya'll come up with. Yay for creativity.

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