Fashionable First Lady and Global Warming.

Hey! It's post number 31....... ok, I'll stop counting. deal?


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Yep, to make this blog a tad bit more, ummm- whats the word...... fundimental., I have added this topic to the mix. Anywho- scroll down for 2 cartoons about global warming that I have selected. :)

I just thought they were cute. :)
Now for some Fashion stuff.


(Pictures below from:,0,1949360.story and other various google pages. Pictures do not afflict my blog, and I am not the photographer behind them :)

Well, I have been looking for some "celeb" fashion pics, and one very fashionable first-lady popped into my head. Know where I am going with this? Remember yesterday night? Barack Obama was talking on TV about some State of the Union (pre) address... So I thought of posting some of Michelle's stunning outfits as....ummm.... Inspiration? [uh yea, thats it.] Or, just because people are going crazy over them and buying all the knock-off, lookalike dresses and such, and its kind of funny. Anyways....

[Cartoons and other graphics in this post do not afflict or belong to me or my blog. Thanks]
xoxo Katy

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