I am very VERY Happy! :)

Hullo Everyone! I've got but 2 minutes to spare, and have decided to fast-type on here! :) I am super-de-duper excited that I have FINALLY made it into the Top 2o on the Girlsense Contest! Although, i've always only wanted to JUST make it to the top 20, I would truly LOVE you to death if you'd use your vote on me! (or my bud cutepony8, n' Prinzess27) I wish one of my better boutiques would have been chosen out of all the btq contests, because mine now is a bit.... "Blagh!" normal.... But, Prinzess27 and Cutepony8 as USUAL have astounding boutiques, so shoot them a vote if you don't personally adore mine. *blush* Anyways, I really apreciate the honor, and am truly blessed. :)

xoxo Katy

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