'Death By'....Ow my head!

'Death By' Books
I just [literally] finished "Death By Latte" the second book in Linda Gerber's awesome mysterious-mystery series (!!!) and I am bursting with spasms! Now I have to wait all the way till MARCH to get the third book, "Death By Denim". I'm not kidding when I tell you that you MUST read these books!!!!
Here's the order

1) Death By Bikini
2) Death By Latte
3) Death By Denim


BB wasn't the only one who had a little outing to tell about! xD I just spent the weekend at a beach house with my Girl Scout troup! We were working on earning our Silver Award and "IP's" whatever that is.... I just joined this year, when all of my friends are thinking of QUITTING! Dx It stinks..... Anyways... We examined sand, and filled out packets and stuff, which wasn't the most entertaining thing to do at the BEACH, even though it was winter. So, we headed to a little kiddie playground to play some pretty cool games, or game, called "Gravel". To play, one person is it. (most fun with more than 5 people. We had 7) Everyone else "hides" While "it" counts to 30 while closing their eyes. Then, STILL closing their eyes, "it" has to try to find people. "It" can periodically call "GRAVEL!" and whoever is on the "ground" of the playset, or jungle gym thingy, and/or the actual woodchips, is now it. You can touch the ground, BUT not when someone says gravel. You must keep moving to make the game fun and challenging. The "it" can also tag people. It may be a bit confusing but it's kind of difficult to explain... I was only It twice, because I am a pro at that game. hehe. Well, the time I was it, I gave myself three knee-bruises. :( There were these two tube things (child-sized) that overlapped making an x shape sort-of. One curved downwards, and one upwards. I kept on going in and out (with eyes closed) and bumping my darn head and knees every time I tried to get up, in, or out! :P Meanwhile, all of my friends were sitting on the top- *slaps forhead* -But stupid me didn't know, because I heard their voices... and.. oh well! I was trying to stand up once, and my friend whacks me in the forehead with her foot, and I fell back down. I will be sore tomorrow..... xD

Polyvore Probs

I am having problems with Polyvore, so no more sets for now sorry! Just wanted all of my PV friends to know I didn't die... :P


The contest will be concluded very soon, and I am pumped! I really hope someone I know wins! xD

xoxo Katy

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