I am very sorry that I haven't been blogging much lately, but I have been pretty busy. Today as probably everyone knows is Friday-the-13th and Valentines-day-eve, "Fralintines-Eve" for short. hehe. I was randomly looking through Youtube videos today with my friend, and came across this really really cute one. This little boy sings this really really cute song that I can never seem to get out of my head. Plus, he does this insane thing with his eye brows that made me crack up.

To see it: Search "cuppy cuppy cake boy" on www.youtube.com, or Join the forum and see! tehe.

[I still don't know how to post videos on here]

Whats Up with Katy

Yep, today was Valentines Day eve, and everyone at school wore red and pink, an handed out Valentines. :) I handed out Blowpops. I had some fun, mini-stories to share, about how I could never keep my mouth clean! READ!

My Blue Mouth
One of my friends was handing out these lollypops during English today. I happened to get a Blue-Rasberry one that was delish- Anyways, in English, we had a test (a hard grammar one-no kidding) and my teacher let us eat our lollies while taking it. The test wasn't very long, but I was-as always the last to finish, because I take my time and go through like, 10 eraser caps a day. :P Anyhow, when I finally finished the test, I got up to go put it in a certain bin, and had to face the class when submitting it. Everyone starting cracking up, and when I laugh-smiled (whenever someone else laughs, I do to.) They all started laughing HARDER. I was all, "Why are you laughing?" And my friend finally points out that my lips, tongue, and teeth were all completely blue. Blushing, Now looking like Cotton Candy, I sat down.

My Red Mouth
Yep, another one of those lollypop stories. I think I have eaten the most lollypops in my life today. hehe. Anyways, for $1 at lunch you could buy these "Chocolate Roses" for your friends. I personally think its a waste of money, but thats just me,...... Well, my friend bought me one (spelled my name wrong, but thats OK) and I was savoring it all the way home on the bus. (It was a white chocolate "rose" on a stick. Yummy:)) And so, I was savoring it so much, unnoticably, I had smeared the red food die all over my lips and everywhere around them on my face. It looked I had severly bad chapped lips. :P My friends and I cracked up all the way home. For the rest of the day however, I still had it on my mouth because I kept on forgetting to take it off of my mouth. When I finally opted to rinse my mouth off, it took me a good 6-7 minutes scrubbing it off. hehe.

Okay doke- Well, gotta run. I hope you have a delightful Valentines day. *muah* *muah*



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