Smooth Away = Throw Away

Beginning today, on StyleMeBlog, I am going to begin doing Reviews. I review a product, and I tell you the star rating, and why I gave the product this particular rating. Today's Product is Smooth Away. [AS SEEN ON TV] Judging by the title of this post, you can tell I have a thing or two to say about it... Read On to find out!

Smooth Away
as seen on tv

A product used as a razor alternative.

I give this product, Smooth Away, 1.5 stars. Why such a low rating? Read on.
I was walking through Target about a month ago, right before my Florida trip, and stumbled across the "Smooth Away" product. Probably every girl in the world, like me, loathes shaving. Mostly when you cut yourself, or miss a big patch of stubble completely. The Smooth Away product looked promising, and for 5 bucks, it seemed like something worth trying. Thus, I threw it in my basket, and headed for Checkout.
Around two weeks later, after vacation, I saw it lying on my bedside table, and brought it to the bathroom. Tore open the box, and read the instructions.
"Wet and Dry the Skin, Move pad in a circular motion clockwise three times, then counter-clockwise three times"
Easy enough, right? I picked up a pad, and examined it. A big pink pad with a spot to slip your hand in, and a mini one that looks almost the same. on the bottom of the pad there is a black surface which was sort of roughish, but mostly smooth.
I followed the instructions, soaping, washing, drying, and began to move the pad on my thigh in a circular motion. It took me literally 5 MINUTES just to do one patch as big as my palm. And, wherever I rubbed, a big patch of white, flaky, dry skin emerged. Irritated, I hopped in the shower nixing the product alltogether. I lotioned up my legs afterwards, and feeling the spots where I used the Smooth Away, there were Still little hairs popping up.
I got frustrated and threw it away altogether. Hence "Smooth Away = Throw Away".
They should really mention these things on the commercial!
[This is my opinion, as well as many girls' from all over.]

xoxo Katy

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