Frizzy Hair Fix

I have had this problem for quite some time, and today while browsing youtube style/beauty guru videos (yes, it has become on of my summer addictions! JuicyStar07 is my fave!) and I said to myself, "Okay, why don't I search this on youtube for a quick fix!?" Not that easy. Well, either that, or I didn't have enough patience for that. I quickly searched "frizzy hair fix" on Google, and this website: pops up. I will quit explaining and show you with pictures now:

Knowing me, you'd know I just had to print screen it on here to show you all how proud of myself that I am for finding an answer so quickly!

A couple years ago I had my Mom buy me Herbal Essences, and I guess that's why I just noticed that I had "developed" this frizz problem. hmm. Anywho, I am one of those people who's hair can't really take it when you wash it every day. I do it every-other-day, but wash my face daily, remove make-up, etc. So I am a clean person I guess. And my friends know I also love to use Bath and Body Works perfumes. (:

I scribbled "Herbal Essences" down on the shopping list, and in a couple days, *poof* Goodbye frizzy hair! I wish I would've known this before all that hot florida sun. Oh well!

Before I close, just FYI I have a new youtube channel that I share with my friends. It's called KatyForever13. I think it may have some potential of having around 100+ views per video, right? More videos coming soon! x)

xoxo Katy

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