Sweats and a Tee-shirt aren't enough

*sigh* Ever have that feeling where you tried so hard to find something special for a extremely special even, say The First Day of Eighth Grade 2009, and you just couldn't no matter how many stores I went through, coupons you clipped, babysitting dollars you've saved? Well, we're in the same boat. I spent from 10:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. combing through my local mall desperate for The Outfit to appear before my eyes. Sadly, at the end of the day, all I ended up with was a bottle of Dancing Waters [or is it Waters Dancing...?] Bath and Body Works perfume. [insert very, very sad frowny face here].
Sure, I saw countless cute and affordable ensembles in my size, but the problem is that the clothes I pick out from the others as adorable, end up being too "Grown up" for me. For example, why would I go to Middle School wearing a pencil skirt, and cheetah print silk blouse with polished gold bangles, while the ideal 8th grade outfit is a pair of sweats and a Hollister logo tee. *another sigh*
My friends are beginning to notice my obsession with jewelry, and let me confess that the reason is namely because these are the only things I can use to dress up a pair of Sweats and Hollister tee, to make it fill my fashionista ego. Thus, I honestly cannot wait to grow up and grow into this ego of mine. Okay, I know when I'm older I will only wish to be younger, but that's then, and this is... now.
Any of you have this problem?
Yep, that was another one of my many rants. Ignore me if you choose.



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