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"Forum Frenzy" is the feature here on SMB when I interview Members of Girls United Forum.

1) Your Favorite Forum, and Why.
art. Idk why i just think its a really kewl place! People of the forum make awesome stuff!2) Your Favorite Emoticon is...

3) What time do you usually log onto the forum, and how long do you stay?
i log in when ever i can and i usually stay for 30-60 minutes

4) How did you find out about the forum/ who told you?
i found out about the forum on when i was visiting speedys tique and saw this website in her motto. I joined and ive been hooked ever since!

5) Your Forum BFF(s) and why?
My forum BFF is grumpytoast (TOASTY!) cuz we get along really well and were well, very random!

6) Team Cupcake? Joe? Moose? Ange's Handwriting? and Why.

7)Person who left the forum that you miss the most is...
i havent seen anyone leave the forum.

More Comin' Soon! :)

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