All that in a Recession [Neon, Neon, Neon!]

Gosh, am I a bad blogger or what?
With my Mom's surgery and such, I have been running around like a crazy person for the past two weeks, and somehow dropped blogging from my juggled computer-life. :P
Well, I am back {I sure hope so!} and brought some new SMB Polls and new topics along with me!

Fashion/Recession{ista} Flair
Neon Colors

With the recession in full swing . . . .
Stores have been trying to rake in the cash by constantly bringing new trends back from the ashes. One of these trends would be, *drum roll pleaseeee* NEON COLORS.
This trend is one that I am quite fond of lets say. Mainly because it's easy to wear both fashionably, economically, and recession-omically. haha. Plus, since I am more of a Fashionista at heart, AND most of the clothes that I DESIRE, A) have a pricetag with too many zeros to tally up, or B) Three sizes too big. But, it is extremely easy to stroll into Delia*s and pick up a dozen tank tops in electric, neony colors and pair them with a pair of white, or dark washed jeans.
So, that's where most of us are left. If you were given the chance to wear crazy colors with comfort AND style, wouldn't you pounce on it?


Yep, if you took a peak at our sidebar before even reading this post, KUDOS to you! :)
We have two new polls, a real step-up to our "Who Wore it Better" ones.
I was thinking of ways to get the coveted 20 followers {ooh look how far we've come over the summer!} that I had desired from the start, and polls earned it's way to the top. I saw the votes I had gathered with the WWIB polls, and I decided to have new, fresh polls every week, month,.... urgh. I will just post a new poll every now and then, okay? Just take a moment to let me know you all are out there and vote in them, okay?

A New Playlist for SMB!

Gosh, I change my taste in music like I change my blog templates! So, like the polls, I have moved on to a FASHIONISTA FRIENDLY playlist of songs. I don't usually like curse words in song, but they are so discreet, I think we will find a way to you know, live? haha.
Most of the songs are inspired from my FAVE movie at the moment, Devil Wears Prada. I treated myself to a movie night last week, and what did I see in the "Free Movie" section? Exactly what I was looking for in a movie.
The last two tracks inspired a poll which you will have to see AND listed to yourselves!

Thanks for your loving support!


Katy [xoxo]

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