Rain, Rain, Go Away. Please?

Hey All!
Today was a so-so kind of day I guess.I woke up to beatiful clear skies, hopped out of bed and exclaimed, "I CAN ACTUALLY SEE THE SUN!!!" lol.
Well, not really. I kind of just told my grandparents that we MUST go to the beach.
We got everything all together, grabbed our beach umbrellas, towels, chairs, noodles, snorkels, etc., and ran down to the boardwalk.
To escape the skorching sun, we stopped into this hugeee souveneir [sp?] shop, and bought some t-shirts and HERMIT CRABS.Mine's name is Chloe, and my sis's is Hermoine.
Just as we got to the beach and snorkeled for about 30 mins, big black storm clouds came over head- and I think you know where it went from here.
Rain, Thunder, Lightning. Boom.
*sigh* At least we got some beach time in.
This week is not going in my favor.


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